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Can you provide a list of everything I need to get started?

Updated: Mar 25

Here is a complete list:


-ventilated bee suit or veil. The more comfortable this is, the more likely you are to work your bees in my opinion. eBay has some ventilated smock style ones that only cost around $10-$20. You can upgrade to a more expensive jacket down the line when you have a better understanding of what your comfort level is.

-gloves, I don't use them but they are good to have sometimes.

- hive tool, standard style. I suggest 2 because you will loose one in the grass.

- complete 5 frame nuc box. You can build one yourself out of plywood, buy a plastic one or purchase a fancy wood one with finger joints. It's important to have one of these more swarms, splits, mating queens and even just to put a frame in during inspection.

To complete the overwintered single deep colony you are purchasing from me:

-1 deep box, 10 frame size

-10 deep frames

-2 medium supers, 10 frame size

-20 medium frames

- 1 queen excluder, 10 frame size

-2 bottom boards, 10 frame size

-2 deep boxes, 10 frame size

-20 deep frames

-2 inner covers, 10 frame size. I use reflectix as my inner covers.

-2 outer covers,10 frame size

-2 entrance reducers

It is always advisable to have more frames that just exactly what your boxes fit. The reason is that sometimes the bees just don't like the frame and will build comb incorrectly. Because of this, you may need to swap out frames. Something to think about.

Let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,

Trevor Bawden

Lloyd St. Bees

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