Cells - $15

Marked Virgin Queen - $20

Marked Mated Queen - $35

How To Order

Reach out to us via our CONTACT US page and we will reply back to you to review your order.

Should I get a virgin queen or mated queen?

We always suggest you get a virgin queen if possible. They are a little trickier to install but will pay it forward in the long run. The reason is that the virgin queen will mate with adapted stock in your local area in case you live outside our USDA zone, She will be less likely for damage to occur during shipping and will lay uninterrupted. We really like our mated queens we sell but we think these virgin queens are the bee-knees. 

Shipping: June- September

We try our best to be flexible and work with your schedule. That being said, we will not sacrifice our quality to meet your deadline. We want to make sure that our stock is the best we can provide and sometimes that takes a little longer.

We only ship virgin and mated queens via UPS/FEDEX overnight. Queens will be sent to your nearest terminal for pick up to insure best survival. Cells are local pickup only.We will send you an estimated shipping cost once we review your order with you.