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The next natural step after investing in Queens, Nucs and supplies is learning how to care for them. Checkout my classes:


Spring Management: Splits + Swarm Prevention

You thought getting your bees through winter was a challenge, now comes the real fun!

An overwintered colony is a completely different beast to handle than the cute nuc or package you purchased the previous season. You have to consider how you will handle the strong swarming impulse of your colony, the increased presence of varroa and how to deal with it without chemical treatment, making increases, renewing comb and insuring a strong colony when the honey flow begins. This class will cover all that and more of what to do after with an overwintered colony. Consider this course your first step to creating a sustainable apiary.

This is geared towards beekeepers who want to learn how to make their own splits to make up for winter losses and increase their apiary. We will also review the construction and use of swarm traps and how the can be used to catch swarms that maybe roaming your area.

Course Fee: $200 

Pay $25 Paypal Deposit

2023 Course Date: TBD 

holding grafting frame_edited.jpg


This is a one day course where you will learn the basics of queen rearing. The course is limited to five individuals per session to insure everyone has hands on time and 1 on 1 help.

  • How to keep a queen schedule

  • How to identify a good breeder queen

  • Making and setting up your starter/finisher hive

  • Grafting 101

  • Checking your grafts

  • Setting up mating nucs

  • Drones

  • Reviewing different styles of mating nucs

  • Installing queen cells into a mating nucs

  • Marking queens

Course fee: $200

Pay $25 Paypal Deposit

2023 Course Date: TBD 



This is a two day course spread apart two ends of the season. The first day will be in August when we will discuss the importance of varroa control, split production hives down into nucs and single deeps, install queens and review the feeding protocol. The second day will be in late October/early November where you will learn how to pack hives into winter configuration.

Course fee: $200

Pay $25 Paypal Deposit 

2023 Course Date: TBD 


1 on 1 Learning

Are you a new beekeeper looking for someone to hold your hand through the process? Some things in beekeeping just can't be learned through a book or video and you need someone to help instruct you. I will come out to your yard and help you inspect your colonies, make splits, catch swarms or whatever help you may require. Online only.

Hourly rate of $200


Speaking Gigs

I talk about bees all the time, what's new! 

If you are interested in having me educate your club or organization on variety of bee topics, please feel free to contact me.

I’m available in person or via Zoom depending on the distance and timing. I have educated beekeepers on a variety of topics, but the ones that are most requested are:

  • So You Want To Buy a Queen – This details the reasons why commercial queens fail, what questions you should be asking before purchasing, local queens vs importing queens, incorporating new stock, safe shipping and queen handling.

  • Queens In Your Back Yard: Staying Sustainable On The Small Scale – We cover the basics of how a queen is made, how to use a queen cell or virgin queen, why walkaway splits are subpar, mating your own queens and the importance of breeding from survivor stock.

  • Taking Your Overwinter Success From 0 to 80%: Using Nucs As a Winter Vehicle – In this talk we review the importance of varroa management, making splits, woodenware, preparing for winter in July instead of November and the science behind cavity size. If you request this talk, I would prefer to present this topic in spring or early summer so that your cohort can act on the advice that season.

Hourly rate of $200

Pay $25 Paypal Deposit

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