Local Nucs

What makes our Nucs so great?

We have Wisconsin nucs BORN & BRED in Wisconsin

and SOLD ONLY in Wisconsin.

Why is this important? We are unique here at Lloyd St. Bees due to the fact that our bees do not leave Wisconsin. That means...​​


SOLD OUT // 2022 Spring Nucs $200

  • Three frames of brood and bees at various stages (eggs, larvae and capped)

  • One frame of feed (honey, syrup, pollen)

  • One miscellaneous frame (sugar frame, drawn frame, brood, feed frame or foundation)

  • Marked 2022 Lloyd St. Bees queen

  • Available mid June thru July

  • Preorders begin 2/1/2022 with more availability as spring arrives.​

SOLD OUT // Overwintered 10 Frame Single Deep $350

  • Includes a bottom board, 10 frame hive body, 1 gallon in hive pro feeder, inner/outer cover

  • 8 deep frames (4-6 will contain brood at various stages), 

  • Marked 2021  Lloyd St. Bees queen

  • Estimated pick up will be 5/14/2022 or 5/21/2022

  • Presale available starting 2/1/2022 and more reservations available starting on 3/5/2022



*First come first served. Cash at pick up please. Nucs are for local pick up only.

**Bring your own box for spring nuc pick up or pay $20 to purchase a nuc box from us.​​