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The Hive Mind

Beekeeping is hard work. Here's some articles to help.

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Why Did My Bees Die?

Every winter and spring there is a flood of beekeepers reaching out on websites, forums and groups asking the same question, why did my...

Do Bees Sleep?

Our best guess is........yes, bees do sleep. Overall, bees spend about 17% of their time sleeping for durations of 21 minutes or so with...

Why Two Nucs Are Better Than One

Telling a customer to buy two nucs instead of one isn’t a marketing scheme, it’s a great investment in your beekeeping adventure. To us,...

Featured Bee: Heater Bees

Bee Role: Heater Bee A colony spends approximately 6.4% of their time keeping the brood warm at about 95F. To do this, it takes heater...

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