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What do I need to know about beekeeping?

Updated: Feb 7

Welcome to the world of beekeeping!

If you haven't purchased your woodenware yet, I would highly suggest purchasing the overwintered single deep colony. It's like giving your bees a fully furnished home. You will still need to purchase additional equipment, but it cuts down the list down by 3/4. I can advise you on what additional items , just CONTACT ME.

Great idea to start with two colonies! This allows you to borrow resources from one another as needed. Especially if things go wrong. It also provides a more objective view of what colonies look like. When you only have one, all you know is what that colony looks like.

I would also suggest taking the overwintering class I offer. It's a two part class. The first part is in August and the second is in November. This will teach you how to successfully overwinter your colonies, a skill that sounds easy, but many hobby beekeepers struggle with and go on to loose their colonies every winter. Go to my CLASSES SECTION!

Thank you,

Trevor Bawden

Lloyd St. Bees

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